Ten Songs by Winter

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"Ten Songs" is an album of the classic kind: ten quality songs that make you want to listen again. And again. Quality before quantity, in other words.

The album covers a wide range of styles, several of which can be seen as Americana, but with an unusally strong emphasis on melodies. There is rootsy rock, biting ballads, leanings towards country and moody songs. Håkan and Anna-Lena exchange guitar licks over drummer Abbe Abrahamsson and bassist Johan Strömberg’s organic interplay. On top of it all, Anna-Lena’s characteristic vocals guide us through the stories. Her voice, both calm and warm at the same time, has its own musical fingerprint.

What, then, is it that makes Winter put so much care and heart into their music, even if it so far hasn’t reached the masses? ”I think about that sometimes. It would be too easy to say that it’s ”fun”, because it’s a lot more complex than that. We feel that we have something truly genuine that we really care for. A lot of time and energy goes into keeping what we have alive. I think part of it is the challenge to keep developing as musicians and songwriters. We are a band whose members like each other and enjoy playing together. No-one is doing this to become a huge rock star. We obviously want to reach as many people as possible with our music, but if our aim was to get rich, we would have chosen another type of music”.


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