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GARY BURR is a contemporary singer-songwriter who has the happy knack of penning the sort of tunes that were made to be instant hits. Amongst his clients are such multi-million selling artists as Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes and George Jones. In recent years, he’s been nominated as singer / composer of the year for the Nashville Music Awards, and has been voted Songwriter of the Year by no less than three different music industry associations. As if that were not enough, he’s also collaborated on songs with artists as varied as Michael Bolton, Carole King, Aerosmith and Andrew Gold. Clearly we are not talking about an average compositional talent here.

Burr’s musical career began after a high school soccer game. Having had the misfortune to break a leg meant that he had lots of time at his disposal. Enough time, it seems, to learn the rudiments of the guitar, and so he began writing songs. The clichéd "humble beginnings", for sure, but he’s since gone on to convert them into chart gold. With his new album, "Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…" (on the Harbour Sound label, HSSCD1), he finally steps out of the composer’s shadows, and into the limelight himself. It boasts eighteen fine songs, including the magnificent single, "That’s My Job" (Harbour Sound HSS2), a song that tells a moving story, originally penned for the Nashville legend, Conway Twitty. Why put his head on the block now? In his own words: "The writer is often the best interpreter of a song, and I would like people to hear my songs the way they were written. I believe we’re put here for a reason. Writing is certainly a big part of my reason…but not the only part. I love performing and get a great joy out of being in front of an audience."

The album is a superb showcase for some of the most immaculately crafted grown up pop music that you’re likely to hear in along long while. Burr has a great storytelling gift that can tug at the heartstrings one minute, and make you want to sing along the next. Quality songs that are built to last. "Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…" has got eighteen of ‘em.

Buy his latest album from
east central one

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